How To Choose The Best Mangalsutra For You?

Choose The Best Mangalsutra

The wedding season is just around the corner and everyone knows the amount of work that comes with it. Beginning with shopping, pre-wedding shoots, searching and choosing the perfect bridal lehenga and the wedding jewellery, finalising the venue, to confirming the wedding photographer’s date and more, the list is huge. 

However, in all this one important aspect gets overlooked the most, and that is choosing the best diamond pendant Mangalsutra. Now you may ask why?

Because, when it comes to buying Mangalsutra or gold Mangalsutra pendant, we don’t give the correct amount of attention that this jewel deserves. Generally, the groom’s family picks a Mangalsutra for the bride. Most of the time, with a range of options that are available, they get confused while choosing the best Mangalsutra. On this note, this blog will help to choose the best Mangalsutra for your big day.

How To Choose The Best Mangalsutra: Bride’ll Actually Want To Wear!

Choosing a Mangalsutra that is both wearable and stylish is crucial. Needless to mention, this holds immense significance in Indian weddings and is considered a vital piece of jewellery for married women. 

However, many women tend to avoid wearing it regularly. To address this, we have compiled seven valuable suggestions for selecting a gold Mangalsutra pendant online that is elegant, uncomplicated, and appealing.

1. Consider The Length

Choosing the length of Mangalsutra is extremely important. If your intention is to wear your Mangalsutra daily, it would be wise to choose a shorter and delicate style. 

Some brides like to wear longer chains and others prefer high up Mangalsutra, near the collarbone. However, the standard length of the Mangalsutra chain is 16 inches. Hence, if you are confused then go with this size. 

Additionally, you can consider a simple pendant design with a V-shaped pattern. This option offers comfort and has an appealing aesthetic!

2. Style Of Pendent

After choosing the length of the Mangalsutra, the crucial step is choosing a pendant style such as a diamond or gold Mangalsutra locket. Solitaire or uncut diamond, precious gemstones, or pure pearls can be paired with a golden base.

Consider the pendant size thoughtfully, that meets the bride’s personality. If you plan to wear it daily, it is advisable to choose a smaller and simpler design of diamond pendant Mangalsutra to make maintenance less burdensome. 

However, if you plan to wear it occasionally, you can opt for a more noticeable design that will grab attention.

3. Gold Or Diamonds

Gold or diamond- which Mangalsutra type should you opt for? It is one of the prime questions that need to be addressed before choosing a Mangalsutra. You can get customised designs of diamond pendant Mangalsutra according to your preference. 

If the bride likes to wear lightweight Mangalsutra, then you will get glorious designs in gold.  On the other hand, for heavy Mangalsutra, just add a few more diamonds to it. 

4. Number Of Strings

Determine the desired thickness of your Mangalsutra strings, prioritising sturdiness. Keep in mind that the number of strings will affect their weight. 

Choose a thickness that complements your neckline and purchase accordingly. It is advised to always be mindful of this tip while buying a Mangalsutra pendant online. 

5. More Of Black Or More Of Gold

We recommend considering a combination of black beads and gold for your Mangalsutra. It is suggested to maintain a balance between the two, with a slight preference for more black beads. 

This choice allows for greater versatility as it can be easily paired with various outfits, including Western wear.

6. Mangalsutra Design

Next, you should choose the Mangalsutra design. Select the design that the bride can wear with western dresses such as jeans, skirts, dresses & more. If the Mangalsutra locket design gold  is too traditional then it can’t go with office wear. 

As times have changed, Mangalsutra’s styles have also evolved. One contemporary option is to choose a simple single-chain Mangalsutra with a small diamond pendant, which adds a modern touch to the traditional design. 

If you’re not particularly fond of black beads, you can opt for a design where only a few black beads are placed in the front or the back of the Mangalsutra. This way, the black beads won’t overshadow your overall look.

7. Go For Mangalsutra Bracelets

If a bride doesn’t want to wear a Mangalsutra, yet wants to take the tradition forward, then we have Mangalsutra Bracelets. It is a new trend in bridal jewellery fashion. 

From the compulsory and traditional adornment, Mangalsutra has now evolved into a symbol of a fashion statement. Also, current trends in Mangalsutra bracelets follow Zodiac sign elements. 

With beads and diamond work, it is perfect to add to your big day. To follow this trend, Sawansukha Jewellers crafted a unique Mangalsutra bracelet for brides of this modern era.

8. Where To Buy Mangalsutra From

The last and final thing is to identify well-marketed jewellery shops where you can get original and top-designed Mangalsutra. 

Ensure you shop from a trusted jewellery store. Another crucial point is the hallmark trademark. Don’t purchase jewellery without a hallmark. 

Knot Bride With Mangalsutra

You can check out Sawansukha Jewellery or contact us to get customised Mangalsutra. At the end of this blog, we would like to conclude that the bride’s choice, personality, and preference should be considered when choosing the best Mangalsutra. 

Hopefully, these tips help you out. Let’s find the best Mangalsutra for your special day. 

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