The Elephant Necklace

The House of  Sawansukha reveres and commemorates wisdom with ‘The Elephant Necklace’. An enticing amalgamation of Diamonds-polki, Emeralds and phalli style Minakari from Kolkata, the necklace enticingly layers to form the shape of an Elephant’s head. A rose-cut emerald forms the nucleus, the wise ‘Eye’.

The necklace was designed to imbue connectedness, ever gentle yet powerful qualities of the elephant of the often-poached endangered species

Beehive Necklace

Beehive – the abode of Queen Bee! Beehive as nature’s one of the most striking creations, becomes our new Masterpiece for her. Touched by the scintillating accents of gold, orange and pink embellishments, this unique diamond neckpiece echoes the chaotic beauty of a bee-hive, owned by the Queen Bee!

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The Twig Bracelet

Sawansukha presents a new cavas of design, with ‘The Twig Bracelet’. Bamboo, inherent to Indian culture finds a new dramatic and bold interpretation.

Delicate tendrils delineated with an entourage of diamonds and emeralds, adorn a bamboo to complete this elegant masterpiece.

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Taj E Gul

A ceremonial luxury piece that upholds beauty of the monument’s tomb – accentuated by a diamond centrepiece.

Encircling it are rich concentric-circular layers of white diamonds that make the piece strikingly bold.
Parading around centrepiece are enticing cascades of red, violet and yellow precious stones that give it a royal edge.

Sawansukha’s Taj E Gul is an ode to the timelessness of Taj Mahal, manifested by the artisan’s passion to create a Masterpiece that will complement her strength, beauty and zeal.

The Solar Eclipse

Sawansukha’s bold new creation celebrates the striking celestial story ready to adorn her.

Richly layered with gold, black and white diamonds, this fabulous piece narrates the transition of the Sun and the ray of light it exudes on completion of its cycle.

The neckpiece reflects her outshining aura elegantly, with rich textures created in a labyrinthine placement of embellishments.

Melting Iceberg

Sawansukha captures the one-of-a-kind beauty of snow in its new design – The Melting Iceberg.

The striking centrepiece is crafted with the melody of diamonds and white precious stones entwined by gold & arranged in a beautiful medley to reflect her ethereal elegance and panache.
The bold drop of blue stone is a reminiscence of her undefiable glory that is otherworldly.

The Khass Anklet

Eclectic and ecstatic the anklet melds ageless aesthetics into a contemporary style. The linear floral motifs reinterpret centuries old mehendia.k.a ‘Henna Art’, envisaging a new trend of cultural potpourri of textures, material and form. The House of Sawansukha breathes a new feminine energy into jewellery, depicting power, individuality and sensuality.

Avtarni Necklace

Sawansukha celebrates the divinity in Her with AVTARNI.

This celebratory piece is laced with an enticing alliance of 18 karat Gold, diamond, colour stones and enamel. The luxurious artistic ensemble is an ode to  Mahishasurmardini– the divine Mother who slays the evil and nurtures the good.

Dhak, Lion, Chandmala, Trident, Lotus & the Visage of MaaDurga – the harbingers of the Devi’s purest energy is depicted in the necklace as source of . The creation pays homage to the ‘Shakti’ or the divine fearless power of the feminine.

Maa – Bracelet

Sawansukha welcomes the arrival of Devi Durga with ‘Maa’- The Bracelet.

An alchemy of ‘pujo’ elements, the exquisite adornment takes shape in the silhouette of a Dhak(drum) – the signature instrument marking the commencement of Devipaksha. Various indigenous festivities and symbols  such as  ‘Ashwin Clouds’, KaashPhool, KodomPhool, ShiuliPhool, Chandmala, Lotus and the ethereal Visage of Durga in diamonds, stones, enamelling and gold concurrently chronicle the festivities.

আসছে বছর আবার হবে –She will come again!

The Royal Smoke

Revered unequivocally by the next-gen connoisseurs, Sawansukha, gives the heritage cigar pipe a twist of exquisiteness to make it the cynosure of all eyes.

A functional object becomes a collector’s delight, when redesigned with a spellbinding diamond discus and golden flower motif.  Re-interpreting men’s accessories, as an heirloom for generations to come.

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