The Saga of Sophistication

Sawansukha Gold Jewellers

Jewellery has been the best way to define and admire womanhood for ages.

The elegant design and the sentiment it carries within make it even more precious. Among many in the market, a few pieces of jewellery remain with you as they make you feel beautiful and confident. With a legacy of 250 years, the house of Sawansukha offers exclusive handcrafted pieces that truly excel in their lustre and enhance your beauty every time you choose them.

The Golden Tales

Our exclusivity is our intricate and classy designs that withstand the test of time. Sohna, the enchanting Antique Gold and Yellow Gold Collective weaves the ethereal tales of togetherness. Just like you, you can bring uniqueness to gorgeous, handmade jewellery by customising them with one of the best making charges.

Boldness, The Signature!

The Solar Eclipse, the pride of Sawansukha, is a fascinating fusion of gold white and black diamonds. This piece of art reflects the brilliant aura of the sun and the women. The Khass Anklet meets the timeless poise with the contemporary style. Its floral motifs reestablish the power and individuality of the new-age women.

The Vintage Love

Albeli, the jadau collection is a magnificent ensemble of timeless tradition and trend. The pieces of uncut diamonds with the intricate Meenakari work or the Kundan necklaces precisely embedded with emeralds represent the spirit of the Mughal times. The spectacular pieces from our collection effortlessly bring the brilliance of Rajasthan to your valued possession. The antique grandeur of ‘Albeli’ enhances the beauty and aura of every Indian bride. 

24 Carat Authenticity, Guaranteed!

Our exclusive Diamond collective is the signature of excellence and timelessness. It is versatile in shape and style and showcases both necklaces with heavy and light works that you will fall in love with. You can go for a contemporary necklace, studded with round, princess and pear-cut colourless diamonds is a work of elegance with two opals in the centre and one in the end make it a one of a kind piece. Spice it up with chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring.

The Handcrafted Beauty

The Pacheli bangle of glittering uncut diamonds, the Nath and the Jadau haar spotted with the salient floral motifs and coloured enamel are the ones that add intrinsic value to both your fashion and grace. The varied range of beautiful rings and earrings is there to bring completion to your subtle beauty. 

Our spectacular family heirloom matches the very class and sophistication of your womanhood. Our master artisans spend hours bringing life to the otherwise lifeless stones that in turn, adorn your beauty and tell the tales of timelessness by generations.

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