Glam Up With The Craftsmanship And Karigari Of Sawansukha

On your search for the perfect jewellery to add to your collection, you would definitely prefer something that makes people stop and stare—an ornament made exclusively for you. At Sawansukha, you’ll find just that.

Sawansukha takes pride in its quality craftsmanship. Our Karigari is unlike any other. With an ancestry in jewellery making of over 250 years, the tradition of hand cutting jewels and crafting the jewellery manually has been passed down through generations. With the advent of modernisation, the craft is soon disappearing. But with our own institute of training in jewellery making, we hold on to the craft and promote it.


Our artisans spend countless hours manually curating and crafting the piece for you to present nothing but the best hand-crafted ornaments to compliment your look. The exclusivity lies in the fact that no other jewellery is like yours, it is but one in a million. And with that comes the confidence in its rarity, for you too are one in a million.


Our Signature Collective provides an array of statement pieces—the Taj- e- Gul, Elephant Necklace, and Avtarni Necklace—with intricate designs of diamonds and emeralds set in gold. Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery popularly known as IIGJ has featured one of these exquisite pieces in their book named “Pride of India”.

Gorgeous Jadau necklaces are in trend. There is nothing better than sporting such a marvel to bring all eyes on you. A wedding jewellery shopping remains incomplete without a Jadau made Polki or Kundan necklace. Set with diamonds, pearls and emeralds to add to the dazzle, such necklaces make you look ethereal. Our Albeli collection, inspired all the way from the alleys of Bikaner, is the Jadau series with impeccable handcrafted necklaces, bangles and rings.

On the other hand, Sohna, the Gold Collective, offers pieces encrusted with precious jewels- rubies, emeralds, diamonds. The gold necklaces from this collection are a heavenly selection and will flatter your look in any festive occasion.


The Diamond collection features pieces that stylise you and complement your elegance—whether you are in the mood to get decked up or to elevate your look on the daily.

The diamonds are hand cut and that adds to the exclusive value of each necklace. You can choose to go for a more elegant and refined look with the necklaces from this collection as you can never go wrong with diamonds.

Come and discover the world of hand-crafted necklaces at Sawansukha, and you’ll be spoiled for choice by the multitude of possibilities.

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