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Craftsmanship of Empowerment

Celebration of womanhood – that’s what Sawansukha has been doing throughout the 250 years of its legacy. Expressing the sublime in a woman’s elegance has always been at the centre of our endeavours, because in representing the core of her personality there is something infinitely empowering. It’s an act to…

Trends That Transcend Time

Jewellery is the proud possession of every woman through generations. Your jewellery box must reflect the charm and beauty of every season and seasonal trend. But how to choose the perfect piece of jewellery that brings out the best of you? Here are some useful ideas to enjoy the season’s…

The Saga of Sophistication

Jewellery has been the best way to define and admire womanhood for ages. The elegant design and the sentiment it carries within make it even more precious. Among many in the market, a few pieces of jewellery remain with you as they make you feel beautiful and confident. With a…

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