Craftsmanship of Empowerment

Celebration of womanhood – that’s what Sawansukha has been doing throughout the 250 years of its legacy.

Expressing the sublime in a woman’s elegance has always been at the centre of our endeavours, because in representing the core of her personality there is something infinitely empowering. It’s an act to cherish her inborn glory. It’s the coronation of womanhood.

On International Women’s Day, when everything it means to be a woman is being discussed in-depth, Sawansukha’s bond with womanhood takes on a much larger significance.

Here is a brand with a difference. We believe in celebrating the majesty of womanhood in ways that are extraordinary. Sawansukha’s jewellery complements the brilliance of womanhood in all possible occasions and moods. Be it a wedding with traditional opulence, any family occasion, the modern-day office environ, a date with a loved one or catching up with friends – Sawansukha pieces have been her best companions, always bringing her inner shine to the fore.

Sawansukha’s speciality lies in the exquisiteness of a uniquely handcrafted excellence, i.e. ‘karigari’. Of Sawansukha’s over 400 karigars a huge percentage are women, who stand as the icon of empowerment, economic independence, professional splendour and unmatched artistry. Each of them has a story of her own, a story of balancing work-life and family-life like the functionality and aesthetics of a radiant ornament. A story of courage and creative gifts, which adds to Sawansukha pieces a unique splendour that is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

Our women are genuine example-setters. All of them have a mission. It beckons them to constantly redesign and invigorate a traditional process of authentic craftsmanship and keep the final products world-class and deeply imbued with the essence of an unfading heritage, all at once. It is a mission they keep on accomplishing with an awe-inspiring tenderness and passion. From the very inception of a design-idea to its flawless execution as a priceless treasure to wear, our women professionals are instrumental in every step and each aspect of Sawansukha’s production system.

The exclusive magnificence of our jadau, the colourful intricacies of meenakari, the charming designs on gold, the gorgeous sparkle of diamonds and much more – all take shape in their skilled hands that keep on pushing the limits of ingenuity. In the process they emerge as the vanguard of keeping alive a timeless tradition while giving it new interpretations.

In securing more than 87 national and international awards, which Sawansukha has won for peerless excellence, the contributions of our women artists and artisans are substantial. Sawansukha’s glorious standing would not be as it is today without their relentless commitment to heritage, innovation and quality. They are the real gems behind our jewels.

Thus we have become a golden link between the women who create with devotion and those who wear with passion, their stories of empowerment interconnected through the dynamics of a shared dream, just like the gleaming pieces of a majestic ornament – from the house of Sawansukha.

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