Top 7 Jewellery Trends For This Wedding Season

Looking back at the Indian wedding jewellery traditions, the wedding necklace is a symbol of eternal love and union, which delicately adorns the neck of the bride. Crafted with intricate artistry, it captures the essence of beauty and grace. Each sparkling gemstone and shimmering pearl holds a story, reflecting the couple’s journey and shared dreams. 

The necklace’s gentle embrace reminds them of their commitment, binding them together in a sacred bond. Its radiant glow illuminates the bride’s path, guiding her towards a future filled with love and happiness. As you walk down the aisle, the best wedding jewellery becomes a cherished heirloom, a timeless treasure that celebrates the joyous union and marks the beginning of a lifelong adventure.

Top Trending Jewellery For Wedding Seasons

The trending bridal necklace is a mesmerising blend of modern elegance and timeless allure. Sawansukha Jewellers is featuring exquisite designs and innovative craftsmanship, it captivates with its statement-making presence. 

From delicate chokers to cascading layers of shimmering crystals, it adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, making every bride feel like a true queen on her special day.

1. Emerald Green Diamond Stone Necklace

After the Kiara Advani bridal look, the emerald green diamond necklace gets the top position in the trending list. In this wedding season, you can’t miss this green & diamond combination necklace. 

We have assembled the latest design in this emerald trend that young brides can choose for their 2023 wedding.  Modern women always try to create a refined and elegant look with diamonds.  In that case, this stunning vibrant green emerald, complemented by dazzling diamonds, creates a mesmerising display of colour and brilliance. With its regal charm, this necklace is a touch of glamour and sophistication that stands out on your big day.

2. Layered Jewellery: The Art of Stylish Stacking

Layered necklace is currently must have this wedding time. Those masterpiece layers create another unique look in your reception. Layered jewellery is the art of stylish stacking, that creates a captivating and personalised look. 

Delicate necklaces, stacked bracelets, and matching earrings blend harmoniously, adding depth and dimension to any outfit. Mixing metals, textures, and gemstones allows for endless combinations, reflecting individual styles and showcasing a fashionable sense of creativity.

3. Bridal Choker for Wedding Elegance

Did you know that bridal chokers are trendy wedding jewellery? Bridal chokers are the best wedding jewellery for those who want to cover their neck with craftsmanship and multiple gemstones. 

A necklace with a gold base is one of the Indian wedding jewellery traditions. It definitely comes with paired earrings. The bridal choker, the epitome of wedding elegance, adorns the neck with grace and allure. Its sleek and sophisticated design accentuates the bride’s neckline, exuding a sense of timeless charm. The bridal choker adds a touch of regal refinement to the bride’s ensemble. 

4. Maang Tikka & Maatha Patti: A Timeless Tradition

Don’t forget Maang Tikka for your finest bridal look. Maang Tikkas add an ethnic aesthetic look. In the Indian wedding look tradition, Maang Tikka has the special feature to create the most beautiful bride look.  

The Maang Tikka, a cherished tradition, is a radiant adornment that graces the bride’s forehead. With its delicate chain and sparkling centrepiece, it symbolises beauty, femininity, and marital bliss. Passed down through generations, this timeless accessory adds a touch of elegance and cultural significance to any bridal ensemble.

5. Statement Bridal Jewellery for Your Special Day

When we are talking about the most trending wedding jewellery, then Sawansukha Jewellers presents top-trending bridal jewellery. For a Bollywood entry in your wedding hall, statement bridal jewellery is the only choice. 

Well-informed approach makes a bold statement on your special day with stunning statement bridal jewellery. From breathtaking chandelier earrings to elaborate necklaces adorned with intricate gemstones, these pieces exude luxury and glamour. 

They are designed to enhance your bridal ensemble and leave a lasting impression, making you the centre of attention as you stand on the wedding stage. 

6. Royal Jewellery: A Heritage Of luxury

Carry a heritage of luxury on your big dream day. Every woman has a dream that they would look like a royal queen. We present a royal jewellery collection for you by keeping this in mind. 

Royal jewellery, the epitome of opulence and grandeur, showcases the majesty and heritage of monarchies. Intricate craftsmanship, it exudes regal elegance. From tiaras to necklaces, each piece tells a story of power, nobility, and the splendour of royal lineage.

Let your jewellery reflect your unique style and personality, creating a memorable and unforgettable bridal look that will be cherished forever. 

7. Exquisite Beauty: The Allure of Jadau Necklaces

Jadau necklaces exude a captivating allure that transcends time. Adorned with intricately handcrafted designs and embellished with precious gemstones, these necklaces evoke a sense of regal splendour. 

Their traditional charm and exquisite craftsmanship make them a treasured heirloom, carrying the essence of heritage and beauty for generations to come.

This power of perfection refers to the culture of India and its craftsmanship. Jadau is famous for setting gold around the Polki, glass or any other colourless stone. Creating exquisite beauty, the Jadau necklace is one of the best wedding jewellery. 

Wedding Jewellery:  Symbolises The Timeless Love

Wedding jewellery holds a special place in the hearts of couples and the commitment they share on their wedding day. Sawansukha Jewellers makes every design unique to make their big day more memorable.

From engagement rings to wedding bands, necklaces to earrings, every piece of jewellery chosen for the occasion carries immense sentimental value and becomes a cherished keepsake for years.

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