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There are people who fall in love with people and then there are people who fall in love with jewellery.

If you are someone that prefers to invest in versatile jewellery pieces, this is just the place for you. There’s something for everyone, from heavy jewellery to light and dainty pieces.

With the festive season right around the corner, gift yourself a reason to smile. You deserve to look and feel your best just like any other. Handcrafted with precision, our artisans work several hours in a day so you can look like a dream come true. Kamar Bandhs, Maang Tikka, Rings, Earrings and of course necklaces are all available at this one place.

Your Puja shopping is incomplete without adding the jewellery shine. Pair your outfits with our specially handcrafted pieces. Without a doubt, every eye will follow you around.

With Sawansukha, you will not have to spend extra time exploring. It’s that one place to fill up your jewellery box. Your very own all-in-one store.

Paint your wardrobe a colourful hue with our Jadau collection or the classic elegant Diamond. Indian wedding outfits can be accompanied by a set of Gold adornments. Our Gold collective, Sohna, fits the wedding attire perfectly and matches the traditional bridal attire. To sport a traditional yet trendy look, try out a Jadau set. The vibrancy of Jadau jewellery will complement the clothing, balancing it and making it the “perfect two”.

We are carrying a legacy that has been inherited over 250 years ago. In turn, we have crafted various gems for gems like you itself. Saying our karigars are hardworking is an understatement. Their handcrafted pieces show much more than that. No jewellery is  made alike. Each of the pieces are so unique that no one compares to whoever wears them.

While we excel in making traditional pieces, there are contemporary designs too that have won several hearts. The new generations style differs therefore we crafted pieces to suit them as well.

Diamonds are a classic choice here and one can never go wrong with it. A dainty diamond ring is a perfect cocktail party accessory. Imagine holding a drink in your hand while subtly flaunting the ring? It’s a simple yet small part of your look but amplifies the look completely. It’s surprising how much a little detail can do. Pair it with a Diamond bracelet and necklace and you’re all set to rock the party!

Come, visit our store. Look no farther when Sawansukha is the ultimate jewellery destination!

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