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Wouldn’t it be funny if a bride says “Companions for life”  to her jewellery instead of her groom? Well, it almost is like that. A bride’s love for adorning herself with jewellery runs deep. Traditionally, jewellery is a very important part of a wedding. Be it any religion or community one thing that remains constant are the ever-glowing jewellery.

Making the right choice on your wedding day is a must. Every single element adds to your D-day. Amongst the pre-wedding planning, it’s easy to neglect certain things. We at Sawansukha want to make your wedding day a day to remember. Share the spotlight with the rings you exchange with your groom-to-be at the ring ceremony. Not only will people envy the gorgeous bride to be but also the ring that brings the two together. This sacred piece of jewellery can be a task to purchase because of the extensive variety. Sawansukha allows you to visit their virtual store and look up the different jewelleries made with love. Gold, Jadau or Diamond, the choice is yours.

The City of Joy is home to many gems – both people and stones. While there is no lack of jewellery shops, we take pride in our own handcrafted pieces. Our speciality lies in our work and we prove it with our happy clients. Our clients’ needs mean a lot to us. We always strive to give our client exactly what they dream to look like on their big day.

Different brides expect different jewellery makeovers. Some wear Gold, some Diamond while some wear Jadau. Your choice can be flexible as per your liking.

Many brands offer jewellery made by machines but we believe in the magic of manual designing. At Sawansukha, we lead in handcrafted jewellery made by the karigars. Handcrafted jewellery creates a personal connection with the wearer. The perfect story for a bride to carry on.

You can shop all your wedding favourites at Sawansukha. There is a vast variety of jewellery that brides must add to their trousseau. From Kamarbandh, Maang Tikka, Necklace, Rings, Rani Haar to Earrings, Bangles, Anklet, Haathphool. Everything is available for every type of bride. Jewellery is also traditionally gifted during weddings to the bride. The groom’s family gifts the bride jewellery so that she can wear those on the wedding. Pair your wedding attire with jewellery that matches and compliments you. You may pair your Indian wedding attire with a heavily studded Jadau set. That is sure to not make anyone take their eyes away from you. Christian brides wear a white gown that can be paired with lightweight jewellery or a set of diamonds. Either way she will be the star of the day.

Visit our website to have a look at The Wedding Showcase that highlights our best bridal pieces. We aim to celebrate the modern bride and make her feel beautiful. Come, be part of this adventure.

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