How To Measure Your Bangle Size At Home

How to measure bangle size

Looking for ways on how to measure bangle size at home? When it comes to bangle measurement, this blog is going to help you to get the best size of bangles. 

For regular uses or bridal/party wear, bangles are one of the favourite pieces of jewellery. Typically, when we visit the Jewellery shop, we face a hustle to find the perfect size of bangles. To avoid this issue, you can measure the bangle size at home. Here are a few tips that you can follow to get your bangle size.

How To Measure Your Bangle?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you measure your bangle size accurately. So, read on. 

Method 1: Use Your Old Bangle

How to measure bangle size? The easiest way is to measure your old bangles. Not the bangle that you have used in your adolescence, but a more recent one. The diameter and circumference would be easy to get and useful for online bangle shopping needs. 

Measure the inner circle of the bangle using a ruler. If the bangle has diamonds or gemstones on it, measuring the outer circle would result in an inaccurate measurement as it would include the additional width added by the stones. 

While the difference may be small, it can affect the overall bangle size measurement. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on measuring the inner circumference to obtain an accurate bangle size.

Make a note:

  • Diameter- The distance across a circle through the centre is called the diameter. 
  • Circumference- the distance around the boundary of the bangle is called circumference.  

Method 2: Use Measuring Tape

It is ok if you do not have a bangle. If you have a measuring tape handy, it can help you measure your bangle size easily. Here are some steps to follow for the same. 

  • Step 1: Fold your thumb as far as possible across your band. 
  • Step 2: Across the widest part of your folded hand from the end of your thumb all around your hand. 

Now, measure the widest part of your hand through measuring tape. Make a note of the reading on the measuring tape. You can add 2 – 02.5 cm for comfort. It is highly suggested to get one size larger than your hand circumference. 

Method 3: String For Measurement

What if you can’t arrange flexible measurement tapes? Don’t worry you can measure bangle size at home by string. 

Gently wrap the string around the widest part of your closed hand and note where the two ends meet. Keep hold of the end of the string at the meeting point and make a mark. 

Next, straighten the string and place it alongside a ruler. By comparing the length of the string to the ruler, you can determine the measurement in inches or centimetres.

Method 4: Strip Of Paper Is Another Option

No string or measurement tape lying around at home? Thinking of other ways on how to measure bangle size at home? Take a strip of paper to measure the bangle size. 

Determine your bangle size, cut a strip of paper, and wrap it around the widest part of your hand. Make a mark where the end of the strip meets the other. Then, straighten the strip and place it along a ruler to find your bangle size.

 Final Words

It is a smart decision to ensure accurate measurements before heading on a bangle shopping trip. Once you have measured correctly, you can enjoy a lifetime of hassle-free bangle shopping, with no need for frequent re-evaluation.

Now no need to ask anymore “How to measure bangle size”. You have gotten four ways to get the perfect size of bangles. We hope this blog will help you out. So stay with us to get more helpful content!!

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