All You Want To Know About Jadau Jewellery For Women

Jadau Jewellery For Women

Jadau jewellery isn’t just aesthetic; it embodies the rich cultural heritage of India. Indian Jadau Jewellery is a repository of tradition, history, and artistry. 

India’s jewellery market thrives as one of its oldest, steeped in centuries of trade history. In this blog, Sawansukha Jewellers, Jadau, Diamond and Gold Jewellery store in Kolkata is going to look at the significance of the Jadau Jewellery market and will explore its allure and immense demand within Indian women due to its timeless beauty and cultural importance.

Jadau Jewellery: an Epitome of Indian Heritage

Jadau, is an embodiment of elegance within India’s royal heritage ornaments. Jadau is one type of prestigious style of jewellery that originates from Rajasthan and Bikaner in India.

This jewellery art involves setting gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, into gold metal.  If you look into Jadau Bangles For Women or Jadau Necklace for Brides, you can understand that crafting exquisite pieces is significant here. 

Excellency craftsmanship and choosing gemstones will make your appearance rich with a royal touch. Jadau jewellery is an heirloom for every Indian woman that you can carry generation after generation. 

Origin of Jadau

The Jadau style of jewellery is rooted in Mughal heritage. It found its way to Rajasthan and Gujarat where artisans embraced its techniques. Over time, its allure transcended regions, becoming a timeless emblem of beauty across India. 

Jadau is one of the oldest Indian jewellery styles. Yet, women are still looking to buy Jadau necklaces online for their exclusive bridal look. However, if you want to adorn only Jadau rings or earrings that can be pretty enough to make a look of epitomise elegance. Initially, crafting a single Jadau design required over a thousand artisans. However, crafting jewellery techniques have changed and evolved but it does not forget to carry its fine artistry. 

This exquisite artistry, influenced by Mughal culture and  its intricate craftsmanship and timeless allure. By following this heritage and royalty, Sawansukha Jewellers is coming up as a prestigious Jadau Jewellery store in Kolkata where you will get all types of Jadau Jewellery. From the Jadau ring design in Kolkata to the Bridal Jadau set, the heritage of Bikaner or Rajasthan is now in the city of Joy, Kolkata. 

Types of Jadau Jewellery

Similar to other styles of jewellery, Jadau Jewellery has its types. Here are three types of Jadau Jewellery:

1. Jadau Necklaces

Jadau necklaces have gained immense popularity among brides and women at traditional events. However, you can pair it with both traditional and modern outfits. 

In particular, Jadau necklaces stand out as premium jewellery pieces. They radiate a royal charm through their exquisite use of rubies and emeralds. They carry the immense power to enhance the boldness of a look making itself an excellent choice for all brides.

2. Jadau Bangles

Jadau Bangles for women are also popularly known as Kangan. It holds a significant place in Indian traditional adornment. Jadau Bangles have surged in popularity among women seeking an elegant touch to complement their traditional attire. 

Adorning their wrists with a set of Jadau bangles enhances their look with vibrant gemstones and ornate gold details. Bridal traditions across India often involve the wearing of bangles, sometimes covering half of the forearm during wedding ceremonies. 

You can check out Jadau Bangles online at Sawansukha Jewellers online window.  Browse through a range of Jadau bangles like Pacheli, Patla, and Gajra which are crafted to keep the unique taste of every bride.  

3. Jadau Rings 

Jadau rings are one of the most stunning hand ornaments. For Jadau rings for women are basic gold-plated rings featuring an uncut diamond or ruby that offers a unique designing accessory. It elevates your style and status.

Meanwhile, women would like to opt for larger, more gorgeous designs, such as vibrant emeralds set in gold, creating captivating decorative pieces. These rings not only adorn but also accentuate the slender beauty of their hands, drawing attention to their exquisite charm. 

How to Take Care of Jadau Jewellery?

When you buy Jadau jewellery, you need to know a few tips to take care of it. Here is an easy way to take extra care of your Jadau jewellery.

  • Keep your Jadau jewellery wrapped in a soft, padded box or a sealed container. This helps to shield it from moisture and dirt. 
  • Wear it as the final touch when getting dressed. Ensure to remove them as the first thing afterwards. This is because perfumes and hair sprays can harm the stones. This way, you’ll maintain its appearance and quality.

Final Words

In conclusion, it can be said that Jadau jewellery is an embodiment of Indian Jewellery tradition. It represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and heritage. 

You will be always mesmerised by its intricate designs and vibrant gemstones that capture the essence of cultural richness. It’s a cherished legacy, adorning women with elegance that carries a story of Indian culture. If you are checking out the Jadau jewellery online, visit Sawansukha Jewellers online platform or check out our Jadau bangles store in Kolkata.

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