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23rd January 2018: Sohna by Sawansukha, an all gold exclusive showroom by Sawansukha Jewellers is a new brand in the field of gold jewellery spanning at an area of 6000 sq feet. After a reigning history of 250 years Sawansukha Jewellers is ready to step into the world of gold jewellery with the grand opening of, “SOHNA” by Sawansukha at 9, Camac Street. Kolkata 700017 on 22nd January 2018.  For the intricately handcrafted jewelleries and exclusive design Sohna is the new jewellery den.

Shri. Rupchand Sawansukha, Director of Sawansukha Jewellers says, “Sohna is unique in a way that it is sealed with assurance and promises.” Sohna promises assurance of fair price, purity, quality of gold, transparency in transaction, fashion, customization, no hidden policy on return and exchange of jewellery.

Siddharthaa Sawansukha, CEO of Sawansukha Jewellers says, “Sawansukha Jewellers wants to create a new perspective towards gold jewellery. Thus the future of gold lies here at Sohna to enlighten the golden side of you.”

Sohna one would find jewelleries starting from Rs. 5000 onwards and variety of gold jewelleries such as antique gold, yellow polish rose gold and work of stone and enamel. Irrespective of age, Sohna houses jewelleries for every woman. Each piece of jewellery is exclusively crafted. The special line of jewellery collection called Buddha collection and Shiva Collection is the lime light. Some of them are hand painted and done with classis designs specific to figures.sohna1Sohna: Its classic interior:

To match the glimmer of jewels Sohna is most intrinsically and artistically crafted. Minute attention is paid on fine detailing of every nook and corner of the emporium. The entire showroom is based on colour combination of navy blue, gold and white. The walls of the passage is done up with the women adorning the Sohna jewelleries. The passage that leads to the store is done in white with inverted wine glasses above the head stocked together to give golden era look. The store is segregated in two sections with a blue paneling that has logo of Sohna in solid gold. Gold bars are stacked to resemble the letter S, the initial of Sohna.



One section houses exquisite gold jewelleries known as CONTEMPORARY SEGMENT and other BRIDAL SEGMENT is essentially devoted to would be brides. Each section bespeaks story of artistry and royalty.

sohna3      sohna4



The flooring done with Italian marbles is embossed with artwork called “ille” in colloquial language which is made from the nacre of mother of pearl. The logo of Sohna is surrounded with 12 faces of Durga made from glue and fiber and embellished with artwork with magnificent gold creepers around it.


The faces of Durga encrust the logo Sohna by Sawansukha. This creative is done to signify that each woman has her own distinct individuality and plays each role beautifully.  Varied hues of gold are used on ceiling which is complemented with big and small copper tone lotus shaped lights. The door that partitions the two sections is painted on both sides in different theme. The painter has stroked alluring flowers in bold red and on the back side he has narrated nature’s captivating beauty. An array of flowers on the backdrop with beguiling peacocks on the forefront will leave you flabbergasted. The story of aesthetic continues with minuscule flowers and leaves crafted on Burma tic on to the second section. The melange of gold, white and sierra brown creates an aura in itself. Each wall has cut outs to display the alluring jewelleries. The magnanimous door of both the sections is made of wood painted in gold and takes back to kingly epoch. A section of the showroom has a lounge room done up in navy blue, gold and white combination keeping in mind the Moroccan style of art work. The solid blue door leads to the lounge which is furbished with sofa rest and centre table. The walls have gold base with white baroque cut out work. The ceiling is designed from the shards of glasses. The seating in both the section has low lying royal blue chairs. The display boxes are also lacquered in gold.


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