Through traditions, legacy carried on

Sawansukha’s style redefines the blend of tradition with contemporary trends. The legacy of intricate designing of jewels on various metals has been around for ages. Sawansukha is among the top who have mastered this art.
We specialize in many types of jewelleries and jadau is one of our most popular pieces. Made with utmost care and hard work by our karigars, there’s a reason for our name in the market. Many jewellery brands completely modernize their collections with the intention of blending into the current world’s style. Sawansukha on the other hand, mindfully keeps the culture in mind while designing pieces. The real essence of traditional jewellery is not forgotten. Instead, it is brought out in a way it stands out among the other brands.
The making of jadau jewellery originates from Bikaner, where it was perfected with hours and hours of labour by the karigars. All jadau jewelleries are decorated with meenakari work at the back which can take several months to create. Precious stones like diamonds, rubies are delicately engraved onto the gold which ultimately result in such breathtaking pieces.
The stand-out, unique identity of these jadau jewelleries make it an appropriate accessory for occasions such as sangeet,mehendi. No outfit is too extravagant for this event so go ahead and rage the dance floor glamorously.

Jewellery speaks a language that is merely unspoken. It’s all a matter of how the body communicates with the stones. The way the precious rubies sit so elegantly on the gold reflects the unique identity of Sawansukha among others. Every woman can add personality to her look with these stunning pieces.
Other than jadau, diamonds are another one of our famous buys. The looks of these pieces are simplistic yet magical. Adding just the right amount of “extra”. Diamonds are closely associated with strength and love. Rightfully, both of these are what the Sawansukha woman stands for. One may rock the traditional look in a reception with jewelleries from the diamond collective.

So, light up reception nights with diamond sets that keep you in the spotlight. Let all eyes be on you.
Meenakari is one of the styles that is very elegantly incorporated into our gold and jadau pieces. It embraces tradition at its best. The karigars perfect the sketches after which it is finally brought to life with their exceptional craftsmanship. This style is a classic example of how we glorify tradition and keep culture alive.
 Our many collectives like Sohna, Albeli and the Diamond collective are the embodiment of the tales that traditions tell. Each of them is beautifully unique, telling a story representing culture and its extravagant roots.
Albeli is our exclusive Jadau collection, studded with stones of various shades. There are various pieces available for every occasion to leave a dazzling mark.

Sohna, our gold collection has a huge variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings as well as rings. All of these hold great cultural heritage and add class to the collection.

Experiment with the Diamond collective that is timeless in nature and makes you look equally timeless.Come experience the magic of Sawansukha’s heritage and be one with it. Let legacy carry on.

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