Experience Sawansukha’s Exclusive Craftsmanship!

If you’re looking for handcrafted modern necklaces, Sawansukha is just the place to be! Studded with rare and gorgeous polki that shine exquisitely on every woman who wears it. They sit perfectly on her and add just the right amount of personality. Our specialty is that Sawansukha’s handcrafted jewellery with kundan and meenakari work can be paired well with almost any outfit. You can pair our jadau necklaces with a stunning ghagra or wear a tennis Diamond bracelet with a gown. It all looks great!

You will find many brands that will offer you handcrafted necklaces but none that look as young and vibrant as ours. Our jadau pieces tell the tales of tradition. The fine artistry brings out the regal elegance with a trendy look.

Even our Diamond Collective and our Gold collection is made with utmost dedication and detailing by the karigars. No individual has a piece that is like another. 

Modern jadau jewelleries are specially handcrafted and can take a few days to months to make by the hardworking karigars. It is a time taking procedure but its results are just as brilliant. The modern generation prefers dressing up a little differently. Heavily studded necklaces can only be worn on certain occasions but the new range of Sawansukha necklaces allows her to embrace the feminine side on every occasion.

Sawansukha carries a 250 years of heritage that is rich in culture. Our jewellery has been built by a number of talented artisans that spend hours, days and months perfecting pieces. We are confident enough to say that our pieces are made for the best and by the best. When talking about standing out among the crowd, customers may tend to buy the ones that are famous and extremely high end. This way many people end up purchasing the same product and there is no aura of uniqueness that’s left. Sawansukha’s handmade jewellery avoids this issue since each and every piece is personalised and unique. Wearing handmade unique necklaces and jhumka or chandbali earrings make a big impression since no one compares to you.

The fact that artisans make the jewellery you are wearing so proudly creates such an enigmatic story to tell. Each and every stone studded on the jewellery is placed delicately with utmost dedication and patience. When people ask “where did you purchase this from?” you can reply with “there are no other pieces exactly like this one”. That’s all it takes to stand out. Your necklace is one in a million. Just like you.

At Sawansukha, we provide opportunities to many craftsmen from various parts of the country. In return, they provide us with the best handcrafted pieces. 

Our artisans handpick each of the material they will use to create a masterpiece so that the necklace you use lasts more than a lifetime. We believe in treasuring the heritage of every jewellery. So the next time you pass down your piece of jewellery to your next generation, you will have a story to tell. 

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