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Sawansukha brides can be easily identified among the rest. A subtle hint of elegance, that is brought out by the unique jewellery, makes the bride who she is. Weddings are one of the most auspicious days in a woman’s life. Quite obviously, she wants to look her best. When you think of a bride, ornaments are a vital part of her getup. The two get along like best friends.

Sawansukha offers a wide range of jewellery to choose from. From neckpieces to earrings to kamarbandh, there are so many choices for the modern bride. She can choose to wear gold, jadau or diamond and shine in her own special way. They complement her bridal look effortlessly and make it complete. The bride is sure to catch many eyes on her through the detailing on her jewels. Rubies and pearls are so delicately mixed with gold creating a trinity of everlasting magic.

The modern bride is different and so, she wants to look different. Her own identity lies in her hand, so she strives to make the best choice. A bride can simply get the regal look by adding a few timeless charms on her. It is a tradition that must be followed by Indian brides.

The importance of  jewellery lies beyond its beauty. It has a deep cultural essence.

Let Sawansukha accompany the various traditional wedding ceremonies on your D-day. Go with the bold jadau look with your mehendi attire and shock every eye. Diamonds can be your friend during the reception ceremony. Fill your sangeet with the hues of golden neckpieces. No matter what the auspicious occasion is, she makes a mark with every look. Our collection in jadau is one of the best choices for the extravagant and expressive bride. It has various colours that match with the bride’s personality and make her ‘stop-and-stare’ worthy. For the soft and shy bride, diamonds will do the talking. No matter the choice, she shines in both.

Jewellery has been around for years and years. It started off minimalistic. Rings made of twigs were the popular jewellery of that time. As the years passed, it grew into a tradition of wearing heavy weight jewellery of rubies, gold, diamond, jadau. Gold is said to be most auspicious and extremely lucky. Therefore, brides are made to endow themselves in it through and through. Even gifts from the spouse’s side are of gold, that the bride may wear on her wedding day. This is a tradition that carries on till now. However, women can now fully embrace their choices and dress in a unique way. The modern bride has the freedom to dress as per her choice.

Sawansukha remains the best brand to shop for wedding jewellery in Kolkata. Here you will not run out of options. Something is sure to catch your eye and add the magic to your wedding day. Every woman deserves to be the star of the show on this day and with us she is sure to do so.

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