Sawansukha Among The Top 5 in Kolkata

Sawansukha among the Top 5 in Kolkata

The right jewellery can upgrade any normal look to a Stop-and–Stare look. The earliest findings of jewellery dated back to 25,000 years ago. Necklaces made of fish and bones were popular at the time. Now we have tons and tons of brands making beautiful intricate pieces with rare gems and stones to adorn the modern woman. She has the freedom to be whatever she wants and look as she wants.   

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. We say every woman’s beauty lies in her choice of jewellery.  
Ever since childhood, all girls look up to their mothers dressing up and adorning themselves in jewellery. In turn we dream about dressing like her. 

Now, in your days of womanhood, make the best choice for yourself. You deserve to look the best. The modern woman is powerful. She is full of confidence and poise. And she deserves every bit of it.  Our designs are elegant and have a story of their own just like every woman. Our collection in Albeli, Sohna, the diamond collection will help her make a style statement and have all eyes on her. Constantly.   

Our brand has been synonymous with designing intricate pieces for every event, be it weddings and festive occasions or a casual event out with friends. There is something for every event to make your fashion statement.  We at Sawansukha have a range of attractive unisex jewellery as well as chic pieces for men and kids.  We have carried on the heritage of over 250 years and redefined elegance your way. 

Being in the top 5 jewellery gives us immense pleasure and pride to say.

Let’s have a look of other brands

A name that is known to every face, they have jewellery for women, men, kids and unisex pieces. Tanishq has been around since 1994 and is a product of the Tata group. They have a huge collection of beautiful and intricate handcrafted jewellery. 

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Founded in 1987, Joyalukkas has over 10 million happy customers, 8000 employees across 11 countries. Their range of uncut diamonds are one of our favourites. 

Started in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, Kalyan has spread into India and the Gulf with 135 showrooms. They have a good understanding of what the locals prefer. They have a vast range of collections that never fail to impress women. 
Malabar Gold and Diamonds 

Malabar Gold and Diamonds was established in 1993 in Kozhikode and Kerala. It has more than 260 stores spread across 10 countries. Spread out to India, Middle East and far east. They have a piece for every event, be it office wear, party wear or casual wear.  

Make the best choice to upgrade your look. You deserve it.

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