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Sawansukha Jewellers

The one day when a woman gets to be the shining star of the show is on her wedding day.  

The crowd waits for her to enter and take everyone’s breath away. Besides her Indian or western wedding attire, the most important element is her bridal jewellery.  

The intricate designs of the jewellery hold much more than its beauty. It has great cultural heritage that holds together the most auspicious day of a woman’s life.    

The bridal ensemble goes hand in hand with some exquisite jewellery pieces and completes it.  

Sawansukha has a unique collection that will help you stick to your style and carry the elegance as well as it is the best jewellery shop, on your own way. Be it gold, diamond or jadau, Sawansukha will help you embrace the real you on your special day.  

A variety of collectives such as Albeli, the diamond collection and Sohna have been created with utmost dedication and craftsmanship to help you carry yourself with sophistication.  

From heavy jewellery for the expressive brides to lightweight jewellery for the shy brides, there is something for both.
Your elegance is one thing that stands out no matter what look you go for. A diverse palette in gold is available such as  rose gold, antique gold, plain gold and white rhodium. This trendy jewellery style in our jewellery store has gained more popularity in recent times and we have made every effort to catch up to the trend.  

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The striking showstopper that she is, adorns herself with breathtaking pieces from the wedding showcase that make her ‘Bride and Beautiful’. Nothing less.   The Sawansukha wedding showcase is the perfect example of how her nature is upgraded with elegance with every touch of the glamor that the jewels radiate.

The glow from her jewels add to her personality and make her radiant from within.

Extraordinary pieces like maangtika, haathphool, kamar bandh, jhapta, gajra and jhumka with kanauti are available and add a majestic look to the bride.

There are also gorgeous pieces for the groom that add a unique identity to them such as Kilangi, button sets and cufflinks. 

We didn’t gain our popularity in being one of the best bridal jewellery shops in Kolkata just overnight. It has taken years and years of hard work, dedication and consistency to build this rapport.    

Other brands that showcase beautiful bridal jewellery  


 Their wonderful ‘Rivaah’ collection showcases every bride from a different state owning Rivaah in a special way that brings so much diversity to the brand.    

Malabar Gold and Diamonds  

 They have a tremendous variety in bridal collections which have unique personalities. From royal to modern jewellery, they have everything.  


Their ‘Muhurat’ bridal collection celebrates the elegance of the diverse Indian bride who owns her look with every stride.  

Make them stop-and-stare with your personal favourite bridal jewellery!

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