The Rich Heritage Of Sawansukha Is Now At Burra Bazar

Rich Heritage of Sawansukha

The buzzing streets, the calling of merchants, the roadside vendors, and the tireless mutiyaas- all of them are featured in the iconic and historical Burra Bazar. Burra Bazar has been an integral part of Kolkata and an important hub for all the shoppers. People from all over Kolkata and outside come here for their shopping. Irrespective of the occasion, Burra Bazar has everything to offer. This reflects the grandeur of this place.
Burra Bazar is probably one of India’s oldest Bazaar with sections dedicated to a number of business like cotton, textile, jewellery, and gold. It is a place where one can possibly purchase anything and so it caters to almost every demographic variety. The market caters to multiple goods with specialized areas dedicated to each segment. One such area being Burrabazar Sona Patti dedicated to jewellers.
Now welcome the largest jewellery collection as doors open to the heritage of Sawansukha Jewellers. It can be said one of the best Jewellery Store in Kolkata.

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