A Leader who Dreamt Big and turned his Vision into Reality


Kolkata, 27th September 2018: A night taking centre stage at posh Madinat Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai to confer all the prominent leaders and the prestigious brands with the most acclaimed award of the year by ERTC Media. The award was held on the night of 26th September, 2018 to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplished entrepreneurs, creators, leaders and innovators who have envisioned, realized and substantiated their vision to create a dynamic future.

Amidst the presence of some very well known brands of Asia and who’s who from the varied industries of Asia, a symposium was held and the best brands and the promising leaders were applauded for their contribution.

Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha, MD of Sawansukha Jewellers is awarded with The Most Admired Leader 2018 for his exceptional leadership skill under whose insight the brand rose to an international level. Siddharthaa with his commitments and passion for work, strong communication skills and above all honesty drove the brand from retailing to many more sectors namely manufacturing and export and today Sawansukha Jewellers is at the forefront in the jewellery industry in Eastern India. A good leader should have an acute eye for creativity and innovation. Siddharthaa has adeptly used unconventional ideas and means to ensure that his beautiful dreams turn into pages of reality in a perfect way.

Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha quoted, “A leader should never stop looking for opportunities and for which one might have to travel the untraveled path. During the journey I have learnt and built my team. I am truly humbled to be nominated for this prestigious award and receive it with much gratitude. Thanks to all the members who found me befit for the Most Admired Leader title.”

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