Sawansukha Glorified with GJTCI Excellence Award


Awards represent achievement and receiving an award is contingent to accomplishing excellence in your  field of work.

Sawansukha,one of the premier jewellery brands in Eastern India,has always been a name synonymous with innovation and excellence. Its exquisite jewellery creations,crafted with much skill and perfection,are a feast for the eyes.

“The uniqueness of Sawansukha can be noticed in its designs, which are artistic, and symolise class.”

Sawansukha has once again stood up to its immense reputation,by bagging the “GJTCI Excellence Award” for  DESIGNER SHOWROOM-EAST in  the second edition of  “GJTCI-Excellence Awards” , hosted by Gem & Jewellery Trade Council of India (GJTCI).The award  function was held  on December 27th in Ahmedabad.

Sawansukha has justified its worth  by receiving such an accolade from the GJTCI. The honourable award  was received by Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha, CEO of Sawansukha Jewellers in the presence of eminent personalities in the jewellery segment.It was a proud moment for Sawansukha as the award was a confirmation of its huge future potential to success.


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