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Siddharthaa Sawansukha of Sawansukha Jewellers talks about the changing preferences of the new age Indian bride.

pic_1When it comes to dressing up for one’s wedding day, most Indian women tend to tread the conservative path. In Bengali weddings for instance, the Benarasi silk sari continues to rule and the bridal attire is considered incomplete without the elaborate necklace, chandelier earrings, tikli, tiara and bracelets or churis.

Recent trends, however, project a tendency to experiment with the bridal look. “Even a few years ago, the elders of the family decided what kind of jewellery should be worn. But nowadays, brides are more expressive about their preferences,” says Siddharthaa Sawansukha, CEO and chief designer at Sawansukha Jewellers, one of the leading diamond jewellers in Kolkata and Eastern India.

Sawansukha further adds that there is a marked preference for the unique rather than the traditional: “For example, there is a rising demand for diamonds cut in fancy shapes such as heart, marquise and oval rather than the round and rose cuts that were previously popular.”

pic_2There is a growing tendency to experiment with design and colour. The ‘white’ look is definitely in this season, so are patterns that break traditional floral moulds or blend European elements with Indian. Tastes are also changing on account of greater exposure to international fashion trends. Naturally, modern brides seek out jewellery that can not only be worn at the wedding but afterwards as well. “Many brides want unique yet meaningful designs,” says Sawansukha, adding, “Some demand jewellery with a theme. The emphasis is on being imaginative. Fortunately, with the different cuts and new techniques available today—such as invisible and tension settings for diamonds—one can get more creative with jewellery.”

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