The numerous benefits of investing in Gold coins

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Dhanteras is the first day in the grand Indian celebration of the festival of lights, Diwali. Dhanteras involves the tradition of worshipping and offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, and ask for her blessings so that we can be both healthy and wealthy. Another tradition associated to this day is the purchasing of gold coins as a token of prosperity and affluence. Families often exchange gold coins as tokens of good faith.

There are, however two sides of the coin; on one hand, purchasing these coins can help us fulfil our religious duties and uphold tradition, whereas, on the other hand, this can be seen as an excellent opportunity to invest in gold.

Sawansukha, the jewellery brand of indisputable claim and renown, are hosting the Biggest Jewellery Offer this Diwali. This offer boasts of the Lowest Gold Coin Rates, a great deal at a great time. Investing in gold coins is arguably one of the best ways to invest in gold. Firstly, there are no making charges; secondly, during the jewellery making process, a substantial amount of gold is scraped off to give way to the elaborate engravings. However, this is not the case with gold coins, as the chunk of gold is whole; thirdly, the price of gold is slowly but steadily on the rise, and this is ideally the perfect opportunity to invest in gold, especially since you are getting to purchase gold coins at a diminished rate courtesy Sawansukha’s Biggest Jewellery Offer; Gold coins are also much easier to preserve than jewellery, as they aren’t susceptible to chemical reduction, or damage due to scratches.

In more ways than one, gold coins can be the ideal investment, especially at this opportune moment. Sawansukha showrooms will also remain open all night this Dhanteras. The Biggest Jewellery Offer runs from 12th to 22nd October, 2014, so make sure you mark the days in your calendar, as this is a chance for one and all to invest in gold, in hopes of securing a better future and equip oneself for times of crisis.

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