The hottest investment this Diwali: Silver coins


Every year, the countdown to Diwali begins with the auspicious day of Dhanteras. Dhanteras is an important day in the religious calendar, as it the day Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped, and Indians pray to her to gain her goodwill, to prosper and ensure well-being. The custom of purchasing gold and silver coins is prevalent as well. Eminent jewellers, Sawansukha, are organizing the Biggest Jewellery Offer to mark the celebrations of Diwali, from 12th to 22nd October, 2014. Sawansukha showrooms will be open all night on Dhanteras, and will remain open on Sundays during the offer.

Investing in silver coins is a great idea this Diwali. The Biggest Jewellery Offer incorporates the proposition of lowest silver coin rates, and this allows one to explore the vastly undiscovered realm of investing in silver coins. While the rage is to invest in gold, platinum and diamond products, it is often that the potential of investing in silver is overlooked.

There are multiple benefits to an investment in silver products, especially silver coins. While it still remains fairly affordable, all signs predict a remarkable upwards surge in silver prices. The rising prices of silver over the last two decades are a testimony to that.

Silver coins also involve lesser risks in terms of investing, consequently providing higher probable returns.
Silver coins are the perfect investment this year. Silver coins were used in transactions in ancient times, and the time has come yet again to emulate their footsteps.

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