Sawansukha offers astounding 100% off on making charges


Diwali is one of the grandest occasions for merriment of the Indian citizen. A sense of celebration fills the air; enthusiastic kids burst crackers, women dress up in crisp new clothes, don jewels and light symbolic diyas, and everyone exchanges gifts. As with other social customs, such as weddings, buying new jewellery during Diwali is an indispensable tradition in India. Sawansukha, one of the pioneers in the jewellery business in India and winner of many notable accolades, have an extraordinary gift for you this Diwali; the Biggest Jewellery Offer.

The Biggest Jewellery Offer brings to you many great deals, one of which is upto 100% off on making charges on any item of jewellery. When a jewellery maker fashions a jewellery item out of raw materials, be it gold or diamond, he is entitled to a certain amount of money for his hard work. This token of money is commonly referred to as making charges.

The making charges normally depend on the design, complexity and size of the ornament. Sawansukha’s Biggest Jewellery Offer almost negates these charges, offering upto 100% off on said charges.

Investing in jewellery has its own advantages. For starters, the ornaments can be used for their original purpose, as jewels; secondly, if there ever comes a time of crisis, jewellery can be sold to solve it. This particular is great news for those who are looking to invest in gold and diamond jewellery. Generally, investors in gold and diamond jewellery often end up lowering the value of their investment by having to shell out a lot of money for making charges. This is often the cause that deters people away from investing in jewellery, instead opting to invest in gold coins. However, those days have been left in the past, and a new age heralds the new trend of investing in jewellery. Sawansukha’s Biggest Jewellery Offer, which runs from 12th to 22nd October, 2014 is a chance for one and all to invest in gold and diamond jewellery. The showroom will be open on Sundays, and will remain open all night on Dhanteras.

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