Sawansukha Shera Alankar Winners : The best jewellery decked Idols

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Durga Puja is the biggest festival for the people of Kolkata. The streets are filled with bright lights and magnificent pandals, the temporary abode of the Gods. The residents of Kolkata get overcome by a festive fervour of stupefying proportions, and stay out till late night in order to view and pay homage to as many pandals as they can. Inside the pandals, immense clay models of the Gods are displayed and worshipped. These idols are dressed with the finest of traditional clothes and jewellery.

Sawansukha, in association with the Times of India’s ‘Sharad Sreshtha’ hosted the ‘Sawansukha Shera Alankar’ contest, which judged these Pujas based on the quality of the jewellery that adorned the idols.

Due to the over-encumbering levels of footfall during the Pujas, it is necessary for Puja committees to ensure proper crowd mitigation methods and undertake strict security measures. It is important to mention that ‘Sawansukha Shera Alankar’ took these important conditions into considerations to prepare its preliminary shortlist. Shortlisted Pujas were then visited by celebrity judges who made the final draft of the scores based on quality and intricacy of the idols’ ornaments, the pandals’ lighting provisions. With the gratuitous help from the Kolkata Police, this operation was carried on freely and without any hassle.

2014 was the 8th year since the inception of this contest. . We would first like to convey our heartiest congratulations to all the participants of this contest who took out precious time from their hectic schedules to entertain us. Of all the stellar pujas that were reviewed this year, the esteemed panellists decided to award the First prize to Jodhpur Park Saradiya Committee. They had brilliantly touched up their idols with a bronze tinge which added simplicity and beauty. The divinity emanating by the idol was perfectly in tune with the fine assembly of beautiful jewellery that adorned her. Bagging Second prize was the Puja at Alipore, which exuded grandeur. The sheer scale and magnitude of the Puja was spellbinding; from the huge chandelier to the jewellery that She wore. Coming in Third place was the efforts of the Ultadanga Puja. Their excellent work on the pandal and brilliant management of security perfectly complemented the interiors, where Goddess Durga sat regally on her throne, adorning choicest jewellery. We would also like to convey our heartiest congratulations to all the participants of this contest who took their precious time out to entertain us.

As the popular Bengali phrase goes, “Asche bochhor abar hobe , next year we hope to get many more contestants involved in the endeavours we endorse.

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