Brighten up this ‘Diwali’ with stunning jewellery


Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the chief celebratory occasions in India. This festival is a celebration of the triumph of when light conquers darkness, hope ousts despair and the forces of good stamp their superiority over the army of evil. On the night of Diwali, families present themselves in new clothes, light diyas, which are small ceremonial lamps, and rituals continue all night. All over the country, there are many exclusive rituals and customs which are practiced by different communities, and most of these involve bright lights, traditional dishes, and a culture of family gatherings where gifts are exchanged.

Diwali is a great occasion for women to dress up in the finest of clothes and ornaments. While men have to stick to dhoti-kurta or kurta-pajamas, women can pin-point the look of their choice from a vast selection of traditional attires and jewellery. Many women are choosing not to wear Saris, primarily because of the heat. This allows them to wear simpler, less-bold clothing, giving them the opportunity to pair up subtle clothes with magnificent pieces of jewellery. Taking the focus off extravagant clothing items and instead, putting the spotlight on classy jewellery is definitely the way to go this Diwali.

Choosing the right look of ornate embellishments can be a tedious yet very rewarding task. Choosing the right destination to shop for ornaments is of equal importance, and going to a renowned outlet like Sawansukha Jewellers and investing in quality jewellery always pays its dividends in the long run. Minimalistic silver, gold and diamond pendants are making a comeback, if being simplistic works for you. Workaday pendants can be paired with ornate gold diamond studded bracelets.

Flamboyant diamond studded gold necklaces are the way to go this festive season.

Studded gold and silver necklaces are a great option, and they can be accentuated with Kundan earrings or gold and pearl ear-studs. The more exuberant among you can also go for a special range of earrings by Sawansukha Jewellers.

Diwali, a time when people look for hope beyond their despair, being an inspiration, being someone the rest can look up to is surely a grand gesture. This Diwali, be that inspiration, be that burst of light that glows through darkness. Glow, this Diwali, with Sawansukha.

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