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Durga Puja is the most awaited and widely celebrated festival in India. It marks the commemoration of the Goddess of Power – Ma Durga and epitomises the victory of Good over Evil. The pujas are held over a ten-day period. Durga Puja in Bengal is like a carnival where people from different backgrounds regardless of their religious beliefs take part in the rituals and traditions and enjoy themselves to the hilt. The most awaited Bengali festival is finally here. The festival that brings different communities together as a unit, and the atmosphere is filled with happiness and love.

People from all over India visit Kolkata during this festival. The city alone sets up more than a thousand pandals, all fighting for the praise and admiration of its audience.  Every night thousands of people go ‘pandal-hopping’ with friends and family ditching their vehicles and travelling mostly on foot till dawn.

Sawansukha became the jewellery partner in Kolkata’s biggest event and contest, ‘Sharad Sreshtha’ which got covered by the Times of India- the leading newspaper in the Print industry.

25-09-2014 Times copy

The article was published in the Times of India on 25th September, 2014. Sawansukha Jewellers got the opportunity of being the jewellery partner in the event ‘Sharad Sreshtha’ organised by Poorav’s ‘Commando’ Energy Drink. The contest is in its eighth year, initiated and supported by the Kolkata Police. The pandal owners will be tested and felicitated on certain parameters making the pujas this year memorable.

The man behind the exclusive jewellery brand, Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha, CEO of the Sawansukha Designers Jewellers shared his views on the festival. He was quoted as saying ‘Durga Puja is an occasion when people reach out to one another as traditions and customs bind them together. We, at Sawansukha are proud to connect with this festivity as well as the people involved in it. Sawansukha Shera Alankar is our way of showing devotion and creativity in our tribute to the idol with the best jewellery.’

Sawansukha Jewellers believes that women are special and strives to create and design new styles and techniques to get the best results out of its female following.

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