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scan0001_finishscan0002_finish  scan0003_finishscan0004_finishSawansukha Jewellers is dedicated to striking a fine balance between the traditional and the modern, creating both exquisite jewellery in high demand throughout the country and a brand name synonymous with quality. However, as this article in Business for all Magazine states, the road to becoming one of the best known jewellers in the nation has not always been easy. Despite a difficult start with not even a roof over his head, our founder, Rupchand Sawansukha’s unflagging perseverance and determination carried him through the tough times, showing us that hard work does pay off and that dreams do come true.

Author Smita Mehta traces Mr. Rupchand Sawansukha’s roots in Bikaner, his move to Kolkata and the subsequent success of his fledgling business in an inspirational tale of patience and dedication. Born to a family of traditional diamond merchants, Mr. Sawansukha left a comfortable home and a loving family behind to strike out on his own in the unfamiliar city of Kolkata. Armed with nothing but, as Mehta writes, “a handful of ten-rupee notes and knowledge of gems-jewels”, the young entrepreneur spent his first few years observing the karigars or jewellery designers at work and sleeping at night in the shabby offices of helpful merchants. Eventually, he began supplying these karigars with the raw material for their jewellery and obtaining custom-made jadau pieces for a select clientele in Kolkata, laying the foundation for what it is now a large business dealing in the manufacture, brokering and trading of jewelry. Mr. Rupchand Sawansukha says with pride and confident smile

Faith increased confidence. The graph has never been in minus, it has only progressively moved upwards.

Soon, his knowledge of gems, frugality and knack for business paid off and Rupchand  Sawansukha established himself firmly in the jewellery industry. Never blind to the importance of family, as soon as his business started flourishing, Sawansukha married into another business family from Bikaner. Despite the constraints that come with running a business, he made time for his family, ensuring his children the upbringing they deserved. In fact, his son, Siddharthaa, now a graduate from GIA, California (along with his wife, Niki) has joined the Sawansukha business, bringing international sensibilities and a modern outlook to the firm, helping us reach even greater heights of excellence.

Mehta’s article provides some fascinating insights into the mind and life of one of Kolkata’s most successful businessmen, starting with his humble roots and concluding with the promise of more achievements to come.

“I believe everyone in equal. Success or failure depends on your work,” he adds. His advice to entrepreneurs is “to keep on working hard and to work as hard as possible; be honest and sincere; don’t get disappointed; never give up; never look back and always looks forward.”



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