Freshness of Monsoon unveiled in Our Collection


Monsoon brings with it an aura of romance in the air and fragrance of wet soil that rejuvenates senses. The first spells sound like music when it pours through the panes and the dancing of the tree branches add vibrations in the nature.

We, at Sawansukha celebrate this season of rain and renewal too with our gorgeous Monsoon Collection. With our every design, we try to create something special to make you feel beautiful and confident.

Our monsoon collection whispers freshness, adorning you with its beauty which melds with the magical season of monsoon.



The collection has light and delicate pieces and heavy ornament which are encrafted to mark the burst of life with the rain. The colourful jadau pieces reflect various colours of nature and give the design a truly exclusive feel for the monsoon.

Sawansukha has always endeavoured to make something unique for you. And it’s constantly crafting million sparkles and creating beauty to make you feel special.

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