Sawansukha Jewellery Glitters for a Noble Cause

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For centuries the Asian elephant has been worshipped and is used for ceremonial and religious purposes. It is not only revered for its role within Asian culture and religion. But also it is a key biological species in the tropical forests of Asia.

The World Land Trust and ethical colored gemstones mining company, Gemfields, together with Jaguar Land Rover and Gemological Institute of America (GIA, India), have collaborated with ten of India’s top jewellery designer’s to create a unique ‘pop up’ collection of emerald jewellery  with the aim to spread awareness and raise crucial funds for the conservation of  Asian Elephants in India.

Sawansukha also wanted to be a part of this noble cause and reach out to these innocent creatures. It was the only jewellery brand from Kolkata to be a part of this awareness program.

Following the success of Emerald for Elephants in London, the Indian chapter of the initiative was launched by Madhuri Dixit.

Sawansukha is a brand which is constantly innovating and coming up with fresh themes every month. The personal touch that Mr. Siddharthaa  Sawansukha gives to his creations is worth mentioning and this makes Sawansukha Jewellers stand out. He was seen excited to be a part of the initiative and added “We are very excited to put together this exhibition and be associated with such a noble cause. We are doing to the best of our ability whatever we can to spread the message for preservation of the elephants. We sincerely hope we are successful in this endeavour.”

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