Crowning the “Unherald Actors”-the Karigars

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Artisans, who are behind the crafting of exotic jewelleries and responsible for creating exquisite designs, provide a lifeline to the jewellery industry. But their hone talents and contributions are not being recognised and appreciated. They are yet to get a rightful place in this industry.

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Aamar Parivaar, the annual meet organized by Sawansukha Jewellers was the second edition of Aamar Parivar-the first edition was held on 11th December, 2011. About 200 karigars were given a warm welcome at Raichak-where the event was held. The venue was beautifully decorated-a quest to make the day special for the karigars who remain unheraled actors behind the scenes.

The “January-February 2013” issue of the Retail Jeweller covered Aamar Parivaar, where the karigars were given accolades for their skills and for being the pillars of this multi-crore industry.

The event began with the felicitation of 25 karigars who received awards for their hard work and their contributions to the industry’s success. The awards were segregated to 15 categories and were given by Shri Rupchand Sawansukha, Shri Siddharthaa Sawansukha and other members of the Sawansukha staff.

After the felicitation, it was Chanchal Kar & Group-the renowned mime group who kept the audience entertained with their 4 hour enthralling performance. The event turned out to be warmer when people bonded and danced and indulged in other fun-filled activities.

The annual meet ended on a good note with many a promise to return next year.

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